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Playground and Wood Deck Coating Experts at Your Service

Lutech, Inc. is a chemical research firm with a focus on solving chemistry issues for various industries, specifically the playground and wood decking industry.

We have studied outdoor wood extensively and formulated EPL as the perfect solution.  

Lutech, Inc. designed EPL with no cost barriers to the ingredients and only the latest in chemical technology for the best results possible when it comes to how to refinish a deck or playground.

We believe EPL to be the only viable long term outdoor wood treatment. Lutech, Inc. is committed to the highest quality standards and specifications to ensure successful playground and wood deck refinishing results.

We have chosen the Internet as the marketing tool for EPL, as opposed to home centers.  Why?  We wanted to let individual buyers control our business.

You benefit from thorough information, direct pricing, quality product specifications and knowledgeable service all delivered to your doorstep - no corporate red tape to cut through and high markups.

Thank You for considering EPL as your wood deck coating choice, we appreciate the chance to earn your business.


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