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Coating Wood – EPL vs. Oil Based Sealers

With the different options of coatings for wood available on the market, it can be difficult figuring out which one will be the best for your playground or deck refinishing project.

Take a moment to view the different categories below to compare our EPL coating wood product with the properties of other oil based sealers. 

If you still have questions in regards to what makes our unique EPL product superior to the other oil based sealers, please give us a call to speak directly with one of our experts.  They have been perfecting the science of the ultimate coatings for wood for over 10 years and would be happy to share their insights and experience with you.


Oil Based Sealers - Type

Non film forming solvent solution of oil.

EPL Wood Coating - Type

Water based film forming binder of high molecular weight polymer.


Oil Based Sealers - Process

Solvent carries oil into wood preventing water.

EPL Wood Coating - Process

Clear or tinted polymeric top coat forms a barrier to absorption water, sun and fungus.


Oil Based Sealers - Protection

Provides no safety from splinters and temporarily seals CCA wood preservatives.

EPL Wood Coating - Protection

Prevents direct contact w/ splinters and preservatives.


Oil Based Sealers - Appearance

Darkened flat look with oily residue.

EPL Wood Coating - Appearance

Creates a clear or tinted glossy finish with a plastic feel - clear tinted EPL gets blotchy colored decks to blend together.  EPL also allows wood to assume its natural hue and color. 


Oil Based Sealers - Durability

Low molecular weight oils dissapate in harsh outdoor conditions.

EPL Wood Coating - Durability

A high molecular weight polymer that maintains a protective barrier under harsh conditions.


Oil Based Sealers - Safety

Contains hazardous solvents (~350 +gm/liter) and biocides. Cannot be used on Ozone Action Days. Oil makes wood more flammable. 

EPL Wood Coating - Safety

41 gms/liter VOCs, contains an FDA food contact rated biocide and can be used on Ozone Action Days. Resists ignition.


Oil Based Sealers - Cleanup

Dirt and grease absorb into oil sealers.

EPL Wood Coating - Cleanup

Layers protect the wood from dirt, grease, graffiti and bird droppings making them all removable.


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