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Applying EPL – The Ideal Playground and Wood Deck Refinishing Product

Ready to get started on your playground or wood deck refinishing project?  First, be sure to clean any aged and pressure treated woods with a strong power wash using plain water to remove any surface contamination before any surface treatment.

Remember, it is not advised to sand or burn chemically treated wood. The result of power washing aged wood is an 'open' wood that will be rough and splintered. This is the ideal surface for EPL Wood Coating and will help produce the best playground and deck waterproofing results for your project.

For wood pool decks we highly recommend you coat EPL using the 'sanded' treatment.  Just mix in two cups of dry play sand into each quart of EPL before application.  Your wood pool deck will get a gritty surface to resist wet slip.

It will adhere to a rough surface better and cover the splinters formed during the power wash. EPL can be applied in multiple coats to create any level of smoothness needed.

New pressure treated wood usually contains excessive levels of water and sometimes a water repellant. These need to evaporate (age) before any coating is applied. Test a small spot with water. The water should absorb in several minutes.



1) Temperature must be above 50 F. and below 90 F. when coating.

2) Deck must be clean and dry (no rain in last day, or forecast for current day).

3) For best results, pressure wash your deck with clean water (no chemical additives) then let it dry completely.

4) Lightly stir EPL, then apply a uniform thin to moderate coat. We recommend using a pad-type brush.

5) Brush out all runs, bubbles, and drips before they dry.

6) EPL dries in one hour but will take a full 4 to 5 days to completely cure. You may recoat after first coat is dry (about one hour). Hint: Tables and furniture may be placed onto coating in about one hour but we recommend putting petroleum jelly on the bottoms of the furniture legs to prevent items from sticking to coating until it cures.

7) We recommend 2 coats be applied the first year. For high-traffic and horizontal areas, annual reaapplication is recommended to maintain appearance and protection.

Additional application/performance hints:

EPL performs best with decks that are well-drained.

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