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Frequently Asked Questions About Our EPL Outdoor Wood Coating Product


Product FAQs

1.  What is EPL?

EPL stands for Elastic, Plastic and Lasting.

These 3 features will create a clear or a tinted plastic wood coating on your outdoor wood for a revolutionary result.

2.  How long will the EPL coating last?

Since all plastics rely on thickness for wear properties, the thicker the better. One round of coating wood will provide some benefit but we recommend two or three coats to deliver the best protection and performance.

3.  Can I put EPL over other coating products?

Yes, EPL can be applied over other products. If your previous product is wax based, we warn that using EPL over paints and some stains that contain this wax will limit EPL's bonding strength to that part of the paint or stain. You can now obtain a tinted version of EPL in Honey and Chocolate, or, you can stain first in a separate step (again we recommend a non wax based stain or paint).

4.  How do I apply EPL?

Please see our “Applying EPL” main navigation page for the best methods to refinish a deck or playground.

5.  What is the coverage rate for EPL?

The first coating wood application will cover anywhere between 80 to 200 square feet per gallon, depending on the smoothness of the wood. Additional coats will cover 150 square feet per gallon. The coverage rate depends on the wood condition.

6.  Is EPL also effective for composite decking materials?

It has come to our attention that composite decking material (plastic with wood saw dust added) can be host to staining agents and mold growth.  So, we have thoroughly tested and now offer EPL as a solution to these issues.

Two new tints have been introduced to address application to composite decking - click here to see our two new colors.

Greystone and Whitewash are now offered in the 5 gallon size as tinted versions of EPL.  Any of our tinted or clear versions can be use on composite decking or wood decking. 

EPL is available in 5 gallon quantities of Honey, Chocolate, Whitewash, Greystone or Clear (Clear is in also in 3.5 or 1 gallon sizes).

These can be used to cover and protect composites or wood and give a clean, beautiful look to your decking. Order a sample and see how it will look and protect your deck. There is no need to put up with discolored decking any longer.

We also note that Whitewash yields the coolest temperature tint in our line.  If your main concern is direct exposure to full sun you should consider the Whitewash tint of EPL for your wood or composite needs.


Shopping FAQs

1.  Can I order online?

Yes, simply go to our online store and choose which EPL cool deck coating product you would like for your project - then follow the simple payment instructions

2.  Which credit cards do you accept?

We process our payments via Paypal - MasterCard, Visa, Discover.

3.  What is the return policy?

You can return EPL within 60 days for a full money back guarantee.


Shipping FAQs

1.  How long will it take to receive my order?

If the product is in stock, the standard shipping time for orders shipped via UPS ground is 5-10 days. On rare occasions there may be a delay in filling your order. In these circumstances we will contact you with a delivery date.

2.  How are shipping charges calculated?

Shipping charges vary according to product size and destination.  All products are shipped via UPS (because they offer package insurance and excellent tracking software).

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