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The Need For A Composite Deck Sealer

“Composite boards” is a term used to identify decking boards that contain sawdust. Manufacturers began using sawdust about ten years ago as a way to decrease costs and increase heat strength of these boards. Unfortunately, the sawdust increased the surface irregularity and absorption of the boards, so staining became a problem. Water, dirt, staining materials and mold spores would become trapped in the tiny craters. Scrubbing, power washing and chemicals could not remove these blotchy stains.

So, what’s the solution?

The best thing you can do for your composite deck surface is to coat and seal with a colored composite deck paint like EPL. It will cover the stains, fill the tiny craters and make your composite deck look new again.

The owner of a composite deck recently contacted us to tell us about his dissatisfaction with the unsightly stained look of his deck.  These unwanted stains happened within the first year of him owning his deck, so he was desperate for an effective solution.

He tried power washing and chemical scrubbing to no avail.  He then decided to utilize our EPL composite deck stain (Graystone color) and the results were astounding.  He used a ¼ inch nap cloth roller and applied two composite deck sealer coats, since it dried so fast and was so easy to apply.  All it took was one 3.5-gallon pail of EPL to cover his 400 + square foot deck with the two coats.

Our very happy customer reported that his deck actually looks better than when it was new!  Below you will see a picture of this deck after our EPL composite deck sealer was applied.  We both expect this new and beautiful look to last much longer than the original because it now contains special anti mold and stain fighting ingredients. 


The solution is simple:  consider EPL WOOD COATING whenever you become dissatisfied with the appearance of your composite decking.

We strongly urge you to select one of the colored versions when coating a stained composite deck. It will coat and cover the existing stains and will help protect against further staining.

If you want the coolest EPL colors to keep the temperature of your deck as cool as possible, be sure to select either the Whitewash or the Honey version.  Our EPL composite deck paint is also available in the warmer Graystone and Chocolate colors.

We also strongly urge you to order the 4 oz. sample of any color, so you can try it on a small piece of your composite deck to be sure you like the color and the end result.

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