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Date: 5/8/2013 12:09 PM EDT

Composite board history starts with the use of straight polymer recycled from milk containers. They knew immediately that it was too expensive and had poor strength properties. Enter the use of wood fibers and now they were competitive and had better strength. Unfortunately the wood brings it's own problems. The composite boards now are subject to staining and mold growth. Customers now find that they need to maintain their composite decking and need to perform deck refinishing. Deck coatings are now available for this evolving market and one of the best is EPL Wood Coating. It can make your composite boards look actually better than new. How? EPL is 100% straight polymer that is applied to the surface of your composite boards recreating the initial vision of  the composite board as straight polymer. You can get the surface stain and mold resist while using the wood fibers for their cost and strength. You just apply the deck coating right onto freshly power washed composite boards and enjoy!ccaplaygrounsolution.com/compositedeckcoating.ivnu

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David Leggett said...

My home is completely sided in mahogany. It was installed in 1988 and I have been trying to find the right product to protect the wood and enhance the beauty ever since. After years of frustration I discovered EPL, Lutech and Bob. I went through the process of stripping the house to bare wood for the third time in twenty years and applied EPL (Honey colored) in 2012. Bob warned me that no one had used EPL as a siding finish before. I am now almost four full years along and the house looks as it did when I finished 4 years ago. A few of the south side boards have taken a light re-coating (where I think we applied too thinly). The blend was perfect and we continue to enjoy the protection and beauty of EPL. I have recommended EPL to my close friend that has a Cedar home and he is preparing for using the product this summer (2016). I own an automotive body & repair facility in Easton, Pa and am very involved in the application of coatings. This product is far and away the best I have ever used on wood. I have tried many coatings including: Shields (Superior Shield) by far the worst, Sikkens which is OK at best and extremely expensive, Behr, and Thompson's.....none of which lasted more than two years before having to be completely redone.

I have now used EPL on my pool deck, exterior siding on my barn, fence rails and the primary deck on my home. Regardless of the use the results are the same. Protection, durability and beauty.

EPL clearly the best.


David Leggett

5/16/2016 5:33 PM EDT

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